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MyPower Account Registration

New Customer

Need New Electrical Service?

Contact us at 1-800-670-1012 and we will help you fill out a New Service form for residential customers. This form will include your name, your contact information, and your previous or existing account number, if applicable. 

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Paying Your Bill

Check out our payment options to find which option best fits your needs.

Fees and Charges

Connection Fees

Connection fees will be charged for most initial service connections including metered temporary facilities. If the connection is not within Maritime Electric's regular business hours, additional charges may be applied. Please note, if servicing your electrical entrance requires and extension of overhead, underground or optional facilities, you may incur additional charges.

Security deposit

When setting up your new electrical service, some fees and charges may be incurred. A refundable security deposit may be required by Maritime Electric and can range from a minimum of $100.00 to a maximum of two months billing. Interest will be paid on your deposit.

Service Charge/Demand Charge

All residential customers and most churches and farms are billed a service charge. The service charge covers the cost of the equipment and the maintenance of that equipment. Commercial customers may also be billed a demand charge. The demand charge is based on a measure of the maximum amount of energy required during any 15 minute interval in a month. Customers with high demand require more costly transformers, meters, lines and additional generation capacity to provide the electricity to serve their maximum load. The energy charge is a rate applied to the kilowatt hours consumed. This charge is primarily related to the cost of generated or purchased energy.

Purchase Orders Terms and Conditions
  1. This order, including these terms and conditions, forms the entire contract between Maritime Electric, hereinafter called the Company and the Vendor and no variation thereof, irrespective of the wording or terms of the Vendor’s acceptance will be effective unless specifically agreed to in writing by Maritime Electric. No local, general, or trade customs shall be deemed to vary the terms thereof. Where the content required, the word “goods” is to be read as including services.

  2. All terms for payment begin with date of receipt of ordered goods or invoicing of these goods, whichever is later. If a discount is allowed for payment within a certain time, the time for taking the discount will not begin to run until the date of the receipt of the invoice or the date of the receipt of the goods, whichever is later. However, if an invoice is returned for correction, the time for taking the discount will likewise not begin to run until the date of the receipt of the correct invoice.

  3. The Company reserves to itself, the right to refuse acceptance and/or payment for goods that are shipped in excess of the quantities ordered, unless there is a previous written agreement as to the quantities by which delivery can exceed the quantities ordered.

  4. All goods shall be received subject to the Company’s inspection and rejection. Defective goods or goods not in accordance with the Company’s specification will held for Vendor’s instructions and at Vendor’s risk and if Vendor so directs, will be returned at Vendor’s expense. Payment for goods prior to inspection shall not constitute an acceptance thereof.

  5. Exporters of goods to Canada shall provide the appropriate Canadian Customs invoices, certificates and other pertinent documentation as required by the Revenue Canada Customs Border Services.

  6. All invoices shall include, but not be limited to, the Company’s name and address, purchase order number, quantities, prices, description of goods, and applicable taxes.

  7. All shipments shall include a packing list. The packing list shall include, but not be limited to, the Company’s name and address, purchase order number, quantities, and description of goods.

  8. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to meet quoted delivery dates and advise the Company promptly of any developments which may affect the required date.

  9. The Company reserves to itself the right to cancel, or purchase elsewhere, any portion of this order that is not delivered by the date required by this order. Time shall be of the essence of this order.

  10. By accepting this order, the Vendor hereby guarantees and agrees that the merchandise to be furnished will not in any way infringe or violate any patent or trademark or other right and that the Vendor will, at the Vendor’s own expense, defend any and all actions, suits or claims alleging such infringement or violation and that the Vendor will indemnify and save the Company and the Company’s goods, harmless as to damages, interest, and costs in case of any and all action suits, or claims.

  11. No modifications of or additions to the provision or conditions of this order will become part of it until expressly accepted in writing by the Company.

  12. The parties expressly exclude the application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, and further exclude the application of the International Sale of Goods Contracts Conventions Act (Canada) and the International Sale of Goods Act (PEI). This contract is otherwise subject to the local domestic laws of the Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada but without reference or giving effect to its conflict of law rules.

  13. Maritime Electric is committed to the highest standards of ethical business practice and conduct. We make this commitment to our shareholder, employees, customers, and partners and to the communities we serve. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy (the Code) is an integral part of this contract.

    By executing this contract, the Contractor acknowledges and agrees that the Contractor has read the Code and shall comply with the applicable portions of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy.

    Any suspected improper conduct or wrong doing can be reported to: NAVEX Global’s Ethics Point System may be accessed via the internet at or by telephone at 1-866-294-5534.
Underground Standards Drawings

Underground Standards Drawings

To make the design and construction process as seamless as possible, Maritime Electric is happy to provide its standard construction drawings free of charge to developers, contractors and consultants. 

Please note these drawings remain the intellectual property of Maritime Electric and should only be used as construction references. There are many drawings still in development. As they become available, they will be posted to the web site. 

If you would like further information or assistance on underground specifications please contact us. 

Download our specification document here: 

MECL Standard Specifications (3.64MB) 

Underground Standards Documents